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Cast Glass

The work in this gallery represents cast and painted glass for commission and exhibition. Various pieces have been exhibited and acquired by national and municipal organisations and private collections. (see here)

Highcross House
A.N.U. Canberra
Recent Work

Processes and techniques



Lens: Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery When light passes through a material like glass it can manipulate and magnify light. This is central to the design concept of Lens. Metaphorically ‘light exists to create and sustain life’ and light it informs the sciences, the visual arts and fundamental to the way in which we live’. In installing this piece of work I took into consideration the moving and changing light through the east facing window in the Museum. The effect of the sun, constantly on the move, sometimes obscured by cloud, sometimes full and bright, transformed Lens into a ‘planet lit by the external and changing natural light’.

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