glenn carter glass
Eclesiastical Glass

This gallery details work undertaken by commission for public, secular and eclesiastical settings. (see more here)

St. Bartholomew's
St. Peter's, Saltfleetby

St. Mary and St. John, Hinxton
St. Paul’s, Spalding
St. Nicholas , Skirbeck

John Crust Memorial
St . Mattthew’s Sutton Bridge
Yvonne Double Memorial
St. Denis, Silk Willoughby
Holy Cross, Boultham
Old Clee Parish Church.
St Oswalds, Stubby, nr Alford,
St. Laurence, Surfleet

Swanton Morley
St. Helens, Kirmington

Restoration Work
Techniques and processes


Yvonne Double Memorial

...Colour is used to articulate the space and reflect a recurring yet slightly differing emotion across the windows. The window also references particular experiences of travelling in and around Vienna and the landscape is reflected via a response to this experience, the music and my intention that the window should be meditative. Utilizing the yellow glass is symbolic of the golden light of the divinity. The background of greens representative of vegetation, renewel and landscape. The dappling of blue, blue/green defines heavenly love and gives the window depth and structure. ...

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