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Eclesiastical Glass

This gallery details work undertaken by commission for public, secular and eclesiastical settings. (see more here)

St. Bartholomew's
St. Peter's, Saltfleetby

St. Mary and St. John, Hinxton
St. Paul’s, Spalding
St. Nicholas , Skirbeck

John Crust Memorial
St . Mattthew’s Sutton Bridge
Yvonne Double Memorial
St. Denis, Silk Willoughby
Holy Cross, Boultham
Old Clee Parish Church.
St Oswalds, Stubby, nr Alford,
St. Laurence, Surfleet

Swanton Morley
St. Helens, Kirmington

Restoration Work
Techniques and processes


Holy Cross, Boultham

Holy Cross, Boultham, Lincoln.
Depicted in this window is the swan of St. Hugh. This church lies between two nature reserves just outside Lincoln.
Saint Hugh befriended a swan whilst bishop of Lincoln Cathedral (which can be seen across the fields).
In including this bird I have referenced both the immediate topography of the area and the symbolism of St. Hugh in an image of resurrection.
The colours of the window relate to historical heavy industry of Lincoln, the natural environment and the divinity.

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